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Trailer Hitch

The class 3 trailer hitch for the Promaster can handle a 6000 lb gross trailer weight with a 600 lb tongue weight. It installs cleanly using the existing bumper mounting holes, and requires no drilling.

Hitch & hardware: 239.00

The plug-in trailer wiring harness eliminates splicing and allows for a reliable,solid connection into the Promaster’s taillights. A connection to the vehicles battery is also required. Why is this necessary? Many modern vehicles, such as the Promaster, are equipped with computers that won’t allow any higher than normal current draw from the taillights and brake light circuits to power the trailer’s lights. Because of this, the electrical load to power the trailer’s lights is taken directly from the Promaster’s battery. The result is a trailer wiring system that protects your Promaster and trailer from potentially damaging short-circuits and improper connections.

Plug in trailer wiring kit  99.00

These connections directly plug into the Promaster’s taillights.

This is the main converter module with special circuit protection components. This is the heart of the kit.

Special wire is supplied to run forward to the Promaster’s battery. This wire has a heavier than normal insulation jacket to protect it from road damage as well as oil and fuel contact that would harm less robust wire.

Wiring kit

Flat-4 trailer plug